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Welcome to the Spirit of Womongathering website!


Firewalker and B.Leaf have been honored at Lee’s request to take over as producers of a

new Womongathering. The festival has a new name: Spirit of Womongathering. Yet many familiar faces will be at the festival this year. We have attended the festival numerous years. During the year of the Crone, Firewalker and B. Leaf organized the large Croning ritual.  The last five years Firewalker has led the Crone Council, guided the Croning rituals, and encouraged the participation of the Maidens and Mothers in honoring the Crones. B. Leaf has been the staff bearer in the ceremonies. We love this festival and want to carry it forward. The element is Center this year. We affirm to hold that Center for the festival.


Join us for a new journey among familiar traditions this year.  We will continue to honor the many paths toward experiencing a deeper dimension of yourself. First stop is the Gateway

for Maidens, Mothers, and Crones. Lakota Inipi Sweat Lodge, Red Temple, and Sacred Fire also await you. You are invited to participate in Drumming and Singing Circles, Experiential Workshops and Enthralling Rituals. There is Gyrlspace for the young and a Marketplace for

all to enjoy the creations of craftswomyn.

We will continue to carry on the tradition of honoring an aspect of the Goddess, a direction, and an element. Please join us.


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