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Submission Guidelines


1. Guest blog posts are featured on the 3rd, 4th and if applicable the 5th Tuesday of the month


2. Submissions are accepted at any time. You are welcome to submit more than article for consideration.


3. Suggested word count is 300-500 words


4. We are looking for articles that relate to women-oriented issues and taboo topics (ie: menstruation, sex, infertilty, rape, parenting, women's spirituality, women's sacred space, etc.)

5. Blog posts that relate to the themes of "Things We Don't Talk About" or and your experiences from a Red Tent that you participate in are more likely to be chosen.


6. Submissions in any language will be accepted, but an English translation of your article will be required. If your article is selected it will be featured in both your foreign language and English.


7. Submissions that have been published on other blogs, website, etc ARE acceptable & we will be sure to include a link to the original post if you provide it.





Feature: "Red Tents From Around the World"


On the 2nd Tuesday of every month we are featuring "Red Tents From Around the World." We invite you to submitt a 200 word description (approx) of your Red Tent or Red Tent Temple. Please include where you are located, what is unique about your Red Tent, and what are some typical activities that you do in your Red Tent, etc.





How to Submit


1. Email your submission to


2. Include "Blog Submission" in the subject heading of the email


3. Please also attach a .jpg image that you would like included in the article with the email


4. Include any website links that you would like us to promote with your post at the bottom of your submission