Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is a Red Tent?

  A: A Red Tent is a safe, woman-only space and supportive community.


Q: What do women “do” in a Red Tent?

  A: With its ability to address social problems, reflect values, knowledge, and the basic feelings of women, the Red Tent fulfils a constellation of gendered societal needs: To create a place that honors and celebrates women; enable open conversations about the things that women donít want to talk about in other venues; promote positive ideals for womanhood; educate women about their bodies; educate women about natural menstrual remedies; create an open dialogue about sex; share birthing information; discuss issues of body image and self-acceptance; provide a place where womenís voices can be heard; to provide a spiritual place for women where they can laugh, cry, sing, dance, give each other back or foot rubs, play with face and body painting, give or receive massage and other types of body work, tell stories, eat soup, drink tea, sleep, meditate, journal, share poetry, create artwork, knit Ö just to name a few!

Q: Is the Red Tent film affiliated with the book The Rent Tent by Anita Diamant?

  A: The Red Tent film is not affiliated in any way with Anita Diamant’s book of the same name. The Red Tent by Anita Diamant retells the story of Dinah, which is found in the Biblical book of Genesis, Chapter 34. As mentioned on our homepage, Things We Don’t Talk About is a groundbreaking documentary film that weaves together healing narratives from Red Tent communities around the world – red textile spaces where women gather to share deep and powerful stories about their lives. The Rent Tent movement is changing the way that women interact, support each other, and think about their bodies. While this may be true, the Red Tent as a space and a practice was partially inspired by the menstrual hut that the women in the book used. For this reason, Anita Diamant has been interviewed for this film and a small section will be devoted to its resonance with women.  


Q: Has Anita Diamant endorsed the Red Tent Movement or the film?

  A: No she has not endorsed the movement or the film, but she was interviewed for and is in the film.


Q: How can I participate in a Red Tent?

  A: To find a Red Tent near you, please visit our “How to find a Red Tent” page. The Red Tent film is not directly affiliated with these local communities, but has filmed on site during many of their monthly gatherings. You may also want to join the Red Tent film’s Facebook and twitter pages, where you can participate in online discussions, receive email updates about future filming and screenings, share you own photographs, and join the growing online community of Red Tent women.


Q: How do I find the Red Tent nearest me?

  A: To find a Red Tent near you, please visit our “How to find a Red Tent” page.


Q: Sometimes I hear women in the film clips refer to the Red Tent as the “Red Temple” or “Red Tent Temple” – what is the difference?

  A: There is no difference. Some women choose to refer to the Red Tent as a “Red Temple” or “Red Tent Temple” because they feel the safe, woman-only space created within is very sacred. These terms do not refer to any specific religious belief, only to the healing power of the space itself.


Q: How can I add my own red tent to the “How to find a Red Tent” database?


A: Email the following info to

  Your Name / Facilitator(s) Name(s)
  Red Tent location: address, city, state,
  Email name and contact, website, and/or facebook page

Q: When was the Red Tent movie released?

  A: September 2012


Q: Where can I buy or rent the Red Tent film?

  A: You can purchase the film by clicking here.


Q: Can my business donate something for a Red Tent film giveaway?

  A: Absolutely! Please email us at


Q: Can I endorse the film and be featured at the footer on this website?

  A: Absolutely! Please click here to find out how.