Having a Red Tent in every community will help millions of women and girls. In a nationwide effort to put a human face on the space, to give a voice to the things that women hide, the things that bring them pain and joy, and to promote women’s empowerment, we would like to encourage any organization, grassroots groups, or individual to get involved in the film!


Start planning your own Red Tent Movie Screening today!


It's easy, and on this page you'll find everything you need to host a successful event for your community! Here are three simple steps (for additional details, download our Event Planning Toolkit):





Download a template email Download a template Press Release Click Here to download a Photoshop Template Poster Click here to download a Microsoft Word poster template

1. Getting Started


Consider your goals and needs – and use the film to support them in a practical way. We suggest that you host BOTH a screening of "Things We Dont' Talk Abou"t and a Red Tent at the same time.


For advice on how to create a Red Tent we suggest you participate in the monthly “Red Tent Temple Movement Teleconferences” with ALisa Starkweather, the founder of the movement.
For info visit:


2. Select a location


Where will you host your Red Tent screening? At a theater? In a livingroom? At a community center? In a church? At a yoga studio? There are many good places to do screenings. We suggest that you be creative!


3. Getting the Word Out


There are many ways to get the word out. We believe that people will feel compelled to attend an event if it feels relevant, important and timely, and if it speaks to them as an audience. At any given time there will be many possible tie-ins to women’s lives and “hooks” for particular media outlets. One of the film’s goals is to reach “beyond the choir” and we believe that you can do it too!


Publicity helps get people to attend your event, and also raises awareness for those who can't be there! You may want to spread the word through mass e-mails and through social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.


You may also want to work with partner organizations, put posters and flyers up in your community, or even send press releases to local media. (The free Event Planning Toolkit has great suggestions and detailed strategies for publicity and outreach!)