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welcome red tent sister






To celebrate the Red Tent Movie's 2nd birthday we are hosting a global party and launching Red Tent TV!



LIVE Online Global Red Tent for 48hrs * Free Screenings worldwide * Free Rental of the film for 48hrs
50+ never seen before extra scenes from the film (Red Tent TV)


LIVE Q&A interviews with

Dr. Isadora (filmmaker) on Friday Sept 5th at 10pm CST

ALisa Starkweather (film co-producer & Red Tent Temple Movement founder) & Dr. Isadora on Sat Sept 6th at 12pm CST

DeAnna L'am (Red Tents in Every Neighborhood founder) & Dr. Isadora on Sat Sept 6th at 3pm CST


Additional screenings in numerous cities throughout the world will be hosted at various times throughout the day





When: September 5 & 6, 2014


Where: Online


Cost: It's all Free!








host a screening

I invite you to join me in hosting the a global LIVE red tent. In a collaborative effort to host as many Red Tents and Red Tent Temples worldwide on that same day, for 1 day only (on Septembe 6, 2014) anyone can host a FREE screening of "Things We Don't Talk About" (a $50 value) using the the digital copy, online rental, or DVD that you already own. Does not matter how small or big? You can host a screening in your home, at your church, community center, theater, long as the event is free to the public!


What to expect:


  • Live 15-minute skype Q&A with Dr. Isadora as part of your screening
  • Video/Photo stream your event live as part of the online party
  • Free coupon code for the digital copy (no subtitles) or rental (subtitles) to use to screen the film
  • Unlimited $5 off the DVD coupons to give to your guests
  • Free publicity on the film's website and all of our social media
  • Access to 50+ scenes not included in the film as part of Red Tent TV to screen as extra features at the event


We will help you with PR by adding your screening to the list of upcoming screenings and announcing it on all of our social media. But if you want or need 11"x17" customized posters and 4"x6" postcards, we would be happy to create them for you.


If you need to host a by-donation or by-admission event please email us and we will give you a discount on those screening options.



Are you in? Do you want to host a FREE screening?

Let's do this... Click here to sign up.




digital copy


Host a screening with the filmmaker


Hundreds and hundreds of Red Tents, Red Tent Temples, community organizations, universities, non-profits, grassroots organizations, and student groups are doing screenings of Things We Don’t Talk About.


Let's work together! Email the filmmaker, Isadora to have her bring her Red Tent and a Screening to your community. We want it to be easy for all people to screen Things We Don’t Talk About and we deeply understand the financial constraints of small organizations and groups. That's why there is very little risk to do a screening.



learn more about screenings