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karla mundo

Las cosas de las que no hablamos

By Karla Mundo


Miércoles 13 de Febrero, 2013


Hay tantas cosas de las que no hablamos, porque vivimos en una sociedad que controla y reprime. Una sociedad que determina la manera en que tú y yo debemos movernos o expresarnos, si queremos ser aceptados como parte de esta máquina. READ MORE



mensutral resarch blog

re: Cycling

by Chris Bobel, The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research

March 19th, 2012


What would the world be like if young women were mentored by older women? What would the world be like if we knew we had a place for our stories to be told? So intones the voiceover at the start of the trailer of a forthcoming film.And it is right on time. The recent media READ MORE

Jaque Hansen

Photo by Christine Baker

Red Tent Temple women's gatherings come to Carlisle

by Elizabeth Gibson, The Patriot-News

November 17, 2011


Jaque Hanson climbed over boulders circling an ancient temple. She ducked under a stone arch smoothed by millennia of wind, rain and sun. She followed the other women to a small, circular clearing. The only light came from the moon. The group had traveled from the U.S. to Malta READ MORE


The Red Tent Movie Trailer is Here!

by Keiko Zoll, Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed

September 23, 2011


If youíve read Anita Diamantís The Red Tent, you get the gold star for today. Havenít read it yet? Go buy it and do that please. Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again: The Red Tent is basically required reading for all women, everywhere. Iíve talked about The Red Tent Temple movement a little bit before here and Iím sure it still sounds a bit... READ MORE


"Things We Don't Talk About"

by Kind Over Matter

September 20, 2011


Red Tent Movie Things We Don't Talk About From their website: Our girls are growing up inundated by messages about themselves by media, the celebrity world and by their peers. As adult women, we have sometimes forgotten our own voices, even as we have witnessed our mothersĎ and grandmothersí voices being stifled. READ MORE

"The Red Tent"

by Julia, Painted Path

September 16, 2011


This made me cry. I want to talk about things we don't talk about. I want to create a red tent. READ MORE


'Red Tent' novel inspires women to gather in DC for healing symposium

by Angie Goff

Mar 29, 2011


WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)-- Angie Goff reports a novel that empowers women encourages a group to gather in the heart of the Nation's Capital. Strangers left as sisters after women of all ages gathered under a 'Red Tent' in DC. The event was inspired by the famous novel 'The Red Tent'. More than 50 women gathered under the tent that represents a safe place for growth to exchange life-changing moments of coping. Event creator Risikat Okedeyi who spoke about her mother's death, says she hopes women walk away knowing they have the power to create the world that they want.



Red Tent, Syracuse, NY

John Berry, The Post-Standard

"Syracuse 'Red Tent' celebrates feminine, honors popular book at Nov. 7 event"

by Amber Smith


"The Red Tent" resonated with women, becoming a popular book club choice after it was published in 1997 and sparking a national movement. Cherie Ackerson and Tracey Baum-Wicks are part of that movement. They're opening their Red Tent of Syracuse to the public Sunday for a day of Sinking into Stillness. They plan monthly gatherings to coincide with the cycle of the new moon, to honor women and the cycles of their... READ MORE


Keiko Zoll, Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed

"In the Red Tent Temple"

by Keiko Zoll


...I feel beautiful, vibrant, awakened, sexy, stress-free. I welcome the new moon with an open heart and a grateful smile.


"Welcome Woman, this place is made sacred with your presence." In the Red Tent Temple, we are all Goddesses.


Last night, our Red Tent Temple was filmed for Isadora Leidenfrost's upcoming film, "Things We Don't Talk About." It was a magical, wonderful evening and I'm still left feeling like I'm walking just a few inches above the ground: our best Red Tent Temple to date. READ MORE

Alisa' red tent temple

Alisa Starkweather, www.alisastarkweather.com

"Healing Red Tents"

by Lee Riddell


BALDWINVILLE, MA – Around the new moon lunar phase, women gather from the east to the west in over twenty states to connect with one another. Women unite in this grassroots initiative of creating sacred space that nurtures, supports, fosters, and gives strength, calling them to step into their inner power. This is the Red Tent Temple Movement founded by ALisa Starkweather and inspired by ... READ MORE

Courtesy of The Examiner

Red Tent Temples: Circles honoring women and their cycles

by Amy Kreydin


Women in the Boston area and around the country have taken back the ancient ritual of the Red Tent. This old tradition of gathering together during the menstrual cycle allowed women to commune together, sharing laughter and tears. READ MORE





"The Red Tent: A Woman-space Phenomenon"

by Tracie Welser


WHEN ANITA DIAMANT'S NOVEL The Red Tent was first published in 1997, it didn't cause much of a stir. According to Newsweek reviewer Susannah Meadows, thousands of copies of the imaginative story of a minor biblical character named Dinah lingered in warehouses after a lackluster debut. In a surprising move, the author herself began a campaign to enhance the book's appeal: by word-of-mouth. Copies were sent to rabbis, female Christian ministers and independent booksellers. Within months, the book's popularity soared, and reviewers began to take notice. READ MORE




"A Haven For Women (Right Next To the Recliners)"

By Molly Rose Kaufman and Jenn Bain


In a city where there are no blank spaces, in a store where everything is for sale, there is a place where women can simply go. The store is ABC Carpet & Home, the elegant home furnishings store at 19th Street and Broadway. The place is a sprawling red tent made from hundreds of silk scarves and a few well-placed nails. The tent has become a sanctuary amid the Italian leather sofas and vintage pedestal tables, a quiet spot where women have recently been seen napping, crying to strangers and, this being New York, exchanging business cards. READ MORE