Alisa Starkweather's red tent templ


"Healing Red Tents"

by Lee Riddell

No. 25 Fall 2009


BALDWINVILLE, MA – Around the new moon lunar phase, women gather from the east to the west in over twenty states to connect with one another. Women unite in this grassroots initiative of creating sacred space that nurtures, supports, fosters, and gives strength, calling them to step into their inner power. This is the Red Tent Temple Movement founded by ALisa Starkweather and inspired by Anita Diamant's novel “The Red Tent”.

ALisa says, “This is a place where women honor the cycles of our long womanhood journeys, where we can mentor our young women and welcome the wisdom of our elders. We are invited to take time for ourselves, to dream, slow down and receive. Here we cook soup for one another, journal, rest, receive or give energy work, read or share in a circle. It is free and supported by donations. Women are intuitively drawn to make this happen and are excited by the impacts of having it in place." Women of all ages come. Women of all beliefs are welcome: sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and friends. Each woman is honored for her own path, while honoring the sacred path of another. Known for her passion for women’s empowerment, ALisa has spent twenty-four years focusing on transformation, healing, community, ritual and the rebalancing of the sacred feminine. Sylvia Brallier, author of Dancing in the Eye of Transformation says, "Alisa Starkweather is a catalyst. She has a gift for not only awakening people's minds, but also to awaken people's heart with her unique visions and methods for personal and cultural empowerment." The Red Tent Movement is now reaching to Canada, UK, and Australia. ALisa invites you to join the momentum of creating woman-honoring support structures. She holds a monthly free telecconference for starting Red Tent Temples.


Contact: Alisa Starkweather