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Red Tent Temples: Circles honoring women and their cycles

by Amy Kreydin

May 23rd, 2009


Women in the Boston area and around the country have taken back the ancient ritual of the Red Tent. This old tradition of gathering together during the menstrual cycle allowed women to commune together, sharing laughter and tears.


Some of the modern Red Tent circles have been inspired by Anita Diamant's book The Red Tent, a historical fiction book from the 1990's. There have been several other books that look at the ancestral heritage of having a bleeding lodge or a tent where women would go during their bleeding cycle.


Susan Weed's Moon Lodge - New York

Susan Weed hosts a monthly Moon Lodge in Woodstock, New York at her center. Her events are held around the Full Moon and include dancing, talking and singing. To find out more visit her Moon Lodge page.


Spiral Traditions Red Tent - Connecticut

Ananda Wilson runs the blog for Spiral Traditions, a monthly Red Tent gathering in Connecticut. Wilson also has blog entries dedicated to other Red Tent groups.


Alisa Starkweather's Red Tent Directory

Ms. Starkweather has maintained a directory of Red Tent circles and temples in Massachusetts as well as around the country. New groups forming would do well to contact her to be placed on the directory for more exposure. Visit her directory here.