Red Tent TV is a free online television program featuring ideas from Dr. Isadora (the filmmaker) about practical tips & secrets of on how to start and build a fabulous Red Tent in your community.


How to Raise Brave Daughters


What messages did your mother give you about being a Woman? What messages are you offering your daughter about being a Woman? What legacy would you like to pass-on Today’s Girls? Help me celebrate Mother's Day! Join us in the virtual “Red Tent” for a special episode of Red Tent TV featuring a provocative conversation with Dr. Isadora & her mother (Teresa Moorehouse) as they give you their answers to the questions above. WATCH VIDEO


What to feed women in your Red Tent


Are you starting your first Red Tent? Should you have food or not have food? Not sure what to feed the women? Do you want something hearty, but also gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan? We have the perfect recipe for you... Red Tent Cashew Chili. In this Red Tent TV video Dr. Isadora (who happens to be a great cook) shares a recipe that women LOVE & that she uses in her Red Tent. WATCH VIDEO

Choose Fabric for your Red Tent


Do you want to know what fabrics work great and what fabrics are total disasters? In this Red Tent TV episode Dr. Isadora gives you some tips and secrets on how to chose fabric for your Red Tent. WATCH VIDEO

How to Promote your Red Tent


There are many ways to get the word out about your Red Tent. We believe that women will feel compelled to attend if it feels relevant, important and timely, and if it speaks to them. At any given time there will be many possible tie-ins to women’s lives and “hooks” for particular media outlets. Because a Red Tent is a woman-only space, your primary audience will be women. While we suggest that you start by inviting your... WATCH VIDEO.

How to Make a Red Tent Doorway


What does every Red Tent need (besides incredible women)—a beautiful doorway inviting them in! In this very special episode of Red Tent TV, Dr. Isadora (the Red Tent Movie filmmaker) gives you a step-by-step guide on how she made her Red Tent doorway that she uses in her traveling Red Tent. This One-of-a-Kind item is sure to add splendor to your already amazing Red Tent and she’s going to give you all of her tips & secrets so you can create it yourself. WATCH VIDEO


Behind the Scenes of the Red Tent Movie


Get a Behind-the-Scenes look at the Red Tent Movie "Things We Dont' Talk About" with filmmaker Dr. Isadora. WATCH VIDEO

How to Celebrate Menstruation in the Red Tent


How have you celebrated menstruation? Dr. Isadora offers a few ideas about how to menstruation in the Red Tent. WATCH VIDEO

Menstrual Hut and Moon Lodge History


Menstrual hut and moon lodge traditions show us that the Red Tent has a history: The idea of a separate women’s space or menstrual hut is not a new idea. Anita Diamant claims that the Red Tent in her book was fictionalized, but is rooted in research from Africa. Menstrual hut and moon lodge traditions shape women’s understanding of the Red Tent as a women’s power space. There are menstrual hut and moon lodge traditions all over the world that date back to 800 C.E and in some places are still practiced today. WATCH VIDEO

Let's Talk About Sex in the Red Tent


A very special Red Tent TV episode with Dr. Isadora and Oceana LaBlanc. In this video you get 3 ideas about how to talk about sex in the Red Tent. WATCH VIDEO


Bringing the Red Tent Home


Women feel strong and safe in the Red Tent, empowered and ready to be all we can be. Then, we return to our everyday lives and are sometimes challenged to hold on to these inner shifts. Can you relate? This video presents some simple but powerful ways to bring Red Tent consciousness home, so that wherever you are, whatever you are in the midst of, you'll know how to find your way to your sacred center. WATCH VIDEO

Try a Red Tent Moving Meditation


The Red Tent is a great place to get out of your head and into your body, and have fun doing it! Women in Red Tents have come up with some creative, often laughter-filled, ways to connect and express themselves (as you can see in the film). This video, on incorporating moving meditation into your Red Tent, encourages you to try a few things you might never have thought of to help bring you and your sisters home to your bodies. WATCH VIDEO

I am so stressed out... How the Red Tent can help!


Women's lives in a complex world are often stressful. How many of us can relate to feeling so overloaded we just can't take one more thing? We forget how simple it can be to let the stress go once we are in a supportive, nonjudgmental space— like the Red Tent. This video offers a few ideas for making your Red Tent a place of relaxation and respite— have you thought of trying these things? WATCH VIDEO

Caring for each other in the Red Tent


Red Tent movie filmmaker, Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD gives 3 ideas of how to care for each other in your next Red Tent. WATCH VIDEO

Meditation in the Red Tent


When was the last time you listened—really, really listened—to something deeper than the surface of your life? Meditation isn't only for those with special training: it's something anyone can do. It can even help you start a Red Tent. Renew your commitment to the courage and beauty within by making meditation part of your Red Tent practice, and watch this video to help you get started! WATCH VIDEO

Music in your Red Tent


Red Tent movie filmmaker, Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD gives 3 ideas of how to incorporate music in your Red Tent. WATCH VIDEO