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There are thousands and thousands of Red Tents all over the world. This is a sample of the global reach of the Red Tent movement. If you do not find your city listed, we suggest that you do a facebook search and a google search with your city and the words "red tent" because Red Tents are being created everyday!!! The Red Tents and Red Tent Temples listed here are women you have contacted me and requested to be listed. If you would like to be listed email me (




"How to Create a Red Tent"



by Jane Hardwicke Collings

& Red Tent Dreaming



Red Tent Dreaming eBook* is a co-created plethora of information on the concept and practice of holding a Red Tent. You will read how to set up a Red tent, how to priestess a Red Tent, what to do in a Red Tent and helpful information about the menstrual cycle and the opportunity for spiritual growth and development that she holds. A must for any woman wanting to learn about this subject and who wants to bring this ancient practice back to her life and the women she communes with.


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Things We Don't Talk About digital copy + Red Tent Movement eBook & Audiobook + How to Create a Red Tent eBook

+ An Invitation into the Red Tent sound mediation


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How to Choose Fabrics for your Red Tent


Do you want to know what fabrics work great and what fabrics are total disasters? In this Red Tent TV episode Dr. Isadora gives you some tips and secrets on how to chose fabric for your Red Tent.


Are you looking to purchase some fabric for your Red Tent. Check out our wholesale inventory by clicking here.








How to Promote your Red Tent


There are many ways to get the word out about your Red Tent. We believe that women will feel compelled to attend if it feels relevant, important and timely, and if it speaks to them. At any given time there will be many possible tie-ins to women’s lives and “hooks” for particular media outlets. Because a Red Tent is a woman-only space, your primary audience will be women. While we suggest that you start by inviting your girlfriends and female family members, we also want to encourage you to consider opening the flaps of your tent a little wider. Read the full article & watch the Red Tent TV video.






How I Made my Red Tent


My panels are 15 feet wide by 13 feet tall. I chose 13 feet tall for myself because most ceilings at either 8 feet or 12 feet and I wanted to make sure that my panels would drape on the floor a little bit if I was in a 12 foot space. As for why I created my panels 15 feet wide, that was the size of my bulletin board, but you can chose any width. I would suggest maybe at least 10 feet wide. READ MORE







The Role of a Red Tent “Priestess"


The Red Tent Priestesses play a vital role in ensuring the set up and smooth running of the Red Tents. Their role is to hold space for women using the tent, allowing women to be inward and undisturbed in their own process. The Priestesses will hold the space in a quiet, respectful manner modeling and therefore encouraging others to also be accommodating, generous, serving, caring and grateful. The Priestesses may choose to wear red and dress to celebrate their own inner Goddess. They may be available to drum softly for women in the tent and will also take responsibility for keeping the space clean and beautiful. Water and any other replenishables also need to be maintained throughout the duration of the tent. You may request that event organizers provide a suitable gazebo or tent which you can then set up. If no tent is available you may like to consider buying or borrowing a tent. READ MORE





How to Create a Red Tent Altar


An Altar can be your own private Sacred Space in your home, or work place, or a group altar in a shared space, or the central altar or direction altars in a ceremony. In holding a Red Tent you may like to create a central altar around which you will sit as a group.

The altar contains symbols and talismans of the work you intend to do together. For example, if your focus is on women’s cycles you could have a collection of treasures that map the cycle around a circle, or perhaps various items that the participants have brought with them. READ MORE






How to Make a Red Tent Doorway


What does every Red Tent need (besides incredible women)—a beautiful doorway inviting them in! In this very special episode of Red Tent TV, Dr. Isadora (the Red Tent Movie filmmaker) gives you a step-by-step guide on how she made her Red Tent doorway that she uses in her traveling Red Tent. This One-of-a-Kind item is sure to add splendor to your already amazing Red Tent and she’s going to give you all of her tips & secrets so you can create it yourself. LEARN MORE





How to Raise Brave Daughters


What messages did your mother give you about being a Woman? What messages are you offering your daughter about being a Woman? What legacy would you like to pass-on Today’s Girls?

Join us in the virtual “Red Tent” for a special episode of Red Tent TV ( featuring a provocative conversation with Dr. Isadora & her mother (Teresa Moorehouse) as they give you their answers to the questions above. Watch the Red Tent TV video





The Red Tent Movement

A Historical Perspective


eBook + Audiobook



Learn More





Things We Don’t Talk About: Woman’s Stories from the Red Tent is a groundbreaking 72-minute documentary film by award winning filmmaker Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD. Spontaneous and organic, a Red Tent is a red textile space where women gather to rest, renew, and often share deep and powerful stories about their lives. The Red Tent movement is changing the way that women interact and support each other by providing a place that honors and celebrates women, and by enabling open conversations about the things that women don’t want to talk about in other venues. Things We Don’t Talk About weaves together healing narratives from inside the Red Tent to shine a spotlight on this vital, emergent women’s tradition. The film provides us an opportunity to remember, to listen, to know, and to find what it is we need to bring back to our communities to help awaken the voices of women.


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I am so stressed out... How the Red Tent can help!


Women's lives in a complex world are often stressful. How many of us can relate to feeling so overloaded we just can't take one more thing? We forget how simple it can be to let the stress go once we are in a supportive, nonjudgmental space—like the Red Tent. This video offers a few ideas for making your Red Tent a place of relaxation and respite—have you thought of trying these things? WATCH VIDEO







Caring for each other in the Red Tent


Red Tent movie filmmaker, Dr. Isadora gives 3 ideas of how to care for each other in your next Red Tent. WATCH VIDEO





Music in your Red Tent


Red Tent movie filmmaker, Dr. Isadora gives 3 ideas of how to incorporate music in your Red Tent. WATCH VIDEO



Here is an up beat playlist I use for my Red Tent. It consists of women-empowering popular songs:


Red Tent Temple by Mother Turtle

How Could Anyone by Shaina Noll

Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys

Respect by Aretha Franklin

I Say A Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin

Women of Today by Beth Eichel & Friends

Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler

(I've Had) The Time Of My Life by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

Independent Women Pt. 1 by Destiny's Child

Reach (NBC Olympic Version) by Gloria Estefan

I Am Woman by Helen Reddy

Video by India.Arie

Strength, Courage & Wisdom by India.Arie

What One Woman Can Be by Karen Drucker

Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves

Roar by Katy Perry

Firework by Katy Perry

What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) by Kelly Clarkson

Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson

I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack

This One's for the Girls by Martina McBride

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves Movie Soundtrack

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Hymn to Her by Pretenders

Brave by Sara Bareilles

Man! I Feel Like a Woman! by Shania Twain

Gilmore Girls Theme Song "Where You Lead"

22 by Taylor Swift

Who Says by Selena Gomez

Red Temple by Shelley Graaf

Red Tent Temple by Mother Turtle

Earthstory by Mother Turtle

All or Without by Mother Turtle

Rise Up by Mother Turtle

Through it All by Mother Turtle

All We Need is Love by Wendy Love

Sacredness by Shylah Ray Sunshine

Sisters (Red Tent) by Lisa Brumby

Surrender by Colleen Butany

Wild Child by Enya

Only Time by Enya

Video by India.Arie

Shine On Sister - We Are Rising UP! by Pam Gerrard

Ancestor's Song by Kellianna





Bringing the Red Tent Home


Women feel strong and safe in the Red Tent, empowered and ready to be all we can be. Then, we return to our everyday lives and are sometimes challenged to hold on to these inner shifts. Can you relate? This video presents some simple but powerful ways to bring Red Tent consciousness home, so that wherever you are, whatever you are in the midst of, you'll know how to find your way to your sacred center. WATCH VIDEO







Syracuse Red Tent



red tent templ











belly & womb conference








jasmin starchild






ladies red tent


carpa roja




girl in red tent


Uk red tent


Italy Red Tent


europe red tent





south africa










These women travel to various locations all over the World


Various Cities (Based in Chicago, IL, USA)

Contact: Dr. Isadora (the filmmaker)

Website: Red Tent Movie

Facebook Page: Red Tent Movie


Various Cities (Based in MA)

Contact: Alisa Starkweather

Website: Red Tent Temple Movement

Facebook Page: Red Tent Temple Movement


Various Cities (Based in CA)

Contact: DeAnna L'am


Facebook: Red Tents in Every Neighborhood


Various Cities (Based in NC)

Contact: Alison


Various Cities (Based in NY)

Contact: Cherie Ackerson


Various Cities (Based in AZ)

Contact: Aurora



Various Cities in Slovenia

Contact: Suzana

Facebook: Click here





USA: New England Area



Baldwinville, MA

Contact: Alisa Starkweather

Website: Red Tent Temple Movement

Facebook Page: Red Tent Temple Movement


Grafton, MA

Contact: Oceana LeBlanc

Facebook Page: Red Tent Temple Grafton



Pittsfield, MA

Contact: Alisa Blanchard

Facebook Page: GROW


Pioneer Valley Area, MA

(Amherst, Hadley, Northampton)

Contact: Venus


Easthampton, MA

Contact: Charity



Greenfield, MA

Contact: Opeyemi



Greenfield, MA (permanent Red Tent)

Unity Healing Temple

Contact: Kristin


Jamaica Plain, MA (Boston)

Contact: Xiola

Website: Mailing List


Gloucester, MA

Contact: Laura Waxdal

Facebook page: visit


Taunton/Dighton, MA

Contact: Claudia Duarte


Fitchburg, MA

Website: Click here to visit

Facebook Page: The Red Tent of Fitchburg


Haydenville, MA

Facebook page: visit


Hudson, MA

Contact: Aurora


Hubbardston, MA

Contact: The Gathering Inn or Rosemary R. Nolan

Website: Website:


Rhode Island

Facebook: Red Tent RI


Bloomfield, CT




Milford, CT



Ashford, CT

Contact: Cherese and Leah


Norwalk, CT

Facebook: Red Tent of Norwalk, CT


Newmarket, NH

Contact: Melissa



Bedford, NH

Contact: Judi Johnson & Pauline Haworth


Peterborough, NH

Contact: Cami and SpinningSun


Lee, NH

Contact: Melissa

Facebook: MotherRoots Healing Arts


Rye, NH

Contact: Amanda


Londonderry, NH

Contact: Chrissy

Facebook: Red Tent Sisterhood



Maine (Various cities)

Contact: Teresa aka Reshet

Facebook: click here


Bangor, ME

Contact: Temple of the Feminine Divine


Facebook: Click here


Machias, ME

Contact: Jenny

Facebook: Red Tent Machias


Brunswick, ME

Contact: Karen

Facebook: Brunswick Main Red Tent Temple


Burlington, VT

Facebook Page: Burlington Vermont Red Tent Temple- For women and girls


E. Barre, VT

New England Women's Herberal Conference



Waterford, VT

Contact: Becky and Corey


Middlebury, VT

Contact: Nicole Burke


Facebook: Moonlodge Vermont


Bennington, VT

Contact: Wendy

Facebook: Red Tent Temple of Bennington,VT





mid-atlantic area



Syracuse, NY

Contact: Cherie Ackerson and Tracey Baum-Wicks


Buffalo, NY

Contact: Sherri Nestorowich

Facebook: click here


Buffalo, NY

Contact: Tanya


Crystal Valley, NY

Contact: Christine Shahin


Saratoga Springs, NY

Facebook: click here


New York, NY

Reveal Conference



New York, NY

Contact: Carolyn MacLaury

Facebook: NYC Red Tent Temple


New York, NY (Spanish Speaking)

Contact: Michelle Balandra

Facebook pages:


Chestnut Ridge, NY

Facebook: Rockland County Red Tent Temple


Long Island, NY

Contact: Jessamina



White Plains, NY

Contact: Cathy Lipsky or Mikki Davis


Glassboro, NJ

Contact: Jodi Miriam Green



Milford, NJ

Website: Red Tent Temple of North Jersey


Kinnelon, NJ

Contact: June


Brick, NJ

Contact: Jude


Poyntelle, PA

Where Womyn Gather Festival, formerly Womongathering/ Spirit of Womongathering

Facebook Page: Where Womyn Gather



Philadelphia, PA

Contact: Jess Marino



Philadelphia, PA

Contact: Sophia

Website: West Phily Red Tent


Bethlehem, PA

Contact: Khrys


Northeast Philly and Jenkintown area, PA

Contact: Yael

Facebook Page: Red Tent Temple of Northeast Philadelphia


Hopewell/ Lambertville, PA

Contact: Erin Mickelwaite


Dingmans Ferry, PA

Circle of Trees Retreat

Contact: Marjorie Spadoni



Poconos, PA

Contact: Jenn Allen


State College, PA

Red Tent Women's Circle

Contact: Kerri Zelmoon

Facebook Page:

Red Tent Women's Circle of State College, PA


Erie, PA

Contact: Kathryn


Pittsburgh, PA

Contact : Carla Poluha

Facebook: Click here



Homer City, PA

Contact: Kendra


Facebook: Click here


Factoryville, PA

Contact: Sheryl


Carlisle, PA

Contact: Jaque Hanson


Pittsburgh, PA

Contact: Bonnie

Facebook: Pittsburgh Red Tent


York, PA

Contact: Susan

Facebook: Click here



Bethesda, MD

Contact: Nicole Oxendine


Baltimore, MD

Contact: Dawn and June


Washington, DC

Contact: Honi


Magnolia, DE

Contact: Anita



Arlington, VA

Contact: Tiffany Montavon


Chesapeake VA

Contact: Tina

Facebook page: click here


Floyd, VA

Contact: Tara






Chicago, IL (hyde park/south side)

Contact: Isadora Leidenfrost (the filmmaker)


Chicago, IL (northern suburbs)

Contact: Liz


Chicago, IL (western suburbs)

Contact: Celena


Flossmoor, IL

Contact: Kalie

Facebook: Red Tent of South Chicago


Elgin, IL

Contact: Kathy


Geneva, IL

Website: Peaceful Parlour


Rockford, IL

Facebook group: Rockford Red Tent


Carbondale, IL

Facebook: Red Tent Temple - Carbondale


Mukwongago, WI

Midwest Women's Herbal Conference


Wisconsin Dells, WI

RCG-I Priestess Gathering


Fort Atkinson, WI

Contact: Janine


Eau Claire, WI

Contact: Debra Farmer


Watertown, WI

Contact: Loree


Milwaukee, WI





Beliot, WI

Contact: Amelia


Lake Mills, WI

Contact: Danielle



Lake Mills, WI

Contact: Kari



Minneapolis, MN

Contact: Sarah O'Rourke

Facebook: Click here


Minneapolis, MN

Facebook Page:


Yellow Spring, OH

Contact: Marybeth


North Olmsted, OH

Contact: Evelyn (216)469-4271


Muskegon, MI

Contact: Jessica


Rochester, MI

Facebook: Red Tent Temple of Rochester, MI


Grand Rapids, MI

Contact: Dawn


Kansas City, MO

Facebook page: Red Tent Temple Kansas City


Rutledge, MO

Contact: Alyssa


St. Peters, MO (St. Louis area)

Contact: Jenn

Website: Sacred Movement Studio Red Tent


Lawrence, KS




Norman, OK

Contact: Lesli

Facebook: Click here


Oak Ridge, TN

Contact: Yarrow Alexander


Knoxville, TN

Contact: Lauren


South Knoxville, TN

Facebook: Red Tent Temple of East Tennessee


Louisville, KY

Contact: Becky


Louisville, KY

Contact: Amy

Facebook: Click here







Pearland, Houston West & Northeast

Facebook: Click here



Austin, TX

Facebook page: Austin Red Tent


San Antonio, TX

Website: Womb Circle Red Tent


Bedford, TX

Facebook: DFW Red Tent


Wylie, TX

Facebook: DFW Red Tent


Corpus Christi, TX

Website: Texas Red Tents


Bisbee, AZ

Facebook Page: The Bisbee Red Tent Temple


Phoenix, AZ

Contact: Lushanya


Prescott, AZ

Contact: Rosalie


Prescott, AZ

Contact: Jennifer

Facebook: Click here


Sedona, AZ

Liz Cornell (928) 593-9528

Meetup: click here

Facebook: Sedona Red Tent


Albuquerque, NM

Contact: Micha






Asheville, NC

Facebook Page: Asheville Red Tent Movement


Sanford, NC

Facebook Page: Sandhills Red Tent Temple


Kernersville, NC

Facebook Page: Triad Red Tent


Charleston, SC

Facebook: Red Tent Temple of Charleston

Contact: Danica at 843-826-0660


Atlanta, GA

Facebook Page: Atlanta Red Tent


North Georgia

Facebook page: Red Tent of North Georgia


Birmingham, AL

Contact: Salix


Lake Charles, LA

Facebook: Red Tent Community--Lake Charles


Tupelo, MS

Facebook page: The Las Lobas Red Tent

Contact: Zola Pickett


Puerto Rico, San Juan

Contact: Martina or

Facebook: Red Tent Puerto Rico Women of Greatness/Carpa Roja



Delray Beach, FL

Facebook Page: The Red Tent


Jacksonville, FL

Contact: Cana


Maxville, FL

Contact: Trish


Orlando, FL

Facebook: Red Tent Orlando


Oak Ridge, TN

Contact: Yarrow Alexander


Knoxville, TN

Contact: Lauren


South Knoxville, TN

Facebook: Red Tent Temple of East Tennessee


Louisville, KY

Contact: Becky


Louisville, KY

Contact: Amy

Facebook: Click here







Colorado Springs, CO

Contact: Jessica


Boulder, CO

Facebook Page: The Boulder Red Tent


Denver, CO

Facebook page: Denver Red Tent Collective


Fort Collins, CO

Contact: Leslie Botha


Las Vegas, NV

Facebook: Red Tent Temple, Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV

Contact: Rev. Anna


Las Vegas, NV (Spanish Speaking)

Facebook: Carpa Roja Templo Las Vegas



Las Vegas, NV



Southern, UT

Facebook: Red Tent Southern Utah


Cedar City, UT

Contact: Gypsy Jean

Gypsy Jean 435-592-0093

Website: Alternative Wombyn's Red Tent


Portland-Clackamas, OR

Facebook page: Red Tent Portland-Clackamas OR


Bend, OR

Facebook Page: The Red Tent of Central Oregon


Eugene, OR

Contact: Amy


Grants Pass, OR

Contact: Trazia


Vashon, WA

Facebook Page: Vashon Red Tent Temple



Seattle, WA

Contact: Elaina

Facebook page: Click to visit


Seatlle, WA

Website: Women of Wisdom Foundation


Bellingham, WA



Sebastopol, CA

Contact: DeAnna L'am

Facebook Page: "Red Tents in Every Neighborhood"


Berkeley, CA

Contact: Sarah Astarte


Sebastopol, CA

Contact: Shannon Elsom


Sonoma County area, CA

Facebook: Red Tent Temple in Sonoma County


Sacramento County, CA

Contact: Berni or Kelli



Santa Cruz, CA

Contact: Astrid Grove

Facebook Page: The Red Temple


Santa Cruz, CA

Contact: Lithia Brigan

Facebook Page: visit


Oakland, CA

Contact: April Taylor


Facebook Page: Click to visit


Studio City, CA

Contact: Caterina Nelli


Irvine, CA

Contact: Alexis


Facebook page: Red Tent of Orange County


Escondido, CA

Contact: Amalya

Website: The Goddess Studio


High Desert (Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia areas), CA

Contact: Kathryn Ramirez

Facebook Page:


Vista, CA

Contact: Quinne



San Diego, CA

Contact: Grace Reinhardt

Facebook Page: Red Tent San Diego

Yahoo Group/Website: click here


San Leandro, CA

Contact: Brenda Salgado

Website: (Women’s Circles)


San Diego, CA

Contact: Yohlie



Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, CA



La Crescenta, CA

Contact: Cristina

Facebook: click here

Meetup: click here


Hawaii, HI

Facebook Page: Red Tent Hawaii









Edmonton, AL Canada

Contact: Nathalie Jackson


Facebook Page: Red Tent Temple Edmonton


Hamilton, ON, Canada

Contact: Sage A. RavenStar

Facebook Page: Red Tent Temple Hamilton


London, ON Canada

Contact: Maria savita mars

Facebook page: Click here

Facebook group: Click here


Marysville, ON Canada

Contact: Maureen Walton


Toronto ON, Canada

Contact: Linda


Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada

Contact: Tiffany Lazic



Waterloo, ON

Contact: Lesley and Candace


Facebook: Click here


Guelph, ON, Canada

Contact:  Catherine


Dufferin County, ON, Canada

Contact:  Debra Jones

Website: Red Tent Ontario

Facebook Page: Red Tent Ontario


Ottawa, ON, Canada

Contact: Louise Hayden

Facebook: Click here



Ottawa, ON Canada

Facebook: Red Tent Henna and Blessing Ceremonies


Bancroft, ON, Canada

Grail Lady Faire



Oshawa, ON, Canada

Contact: Julie

Facebook: Red Tent Temple Durham Region


Peterborough, ON, Canada

Contact: Lisa

Facebook: The Traveling Red Tent


Montreal, QC, Canada

Contact: Claire d'eau


Montreal, QC, Canada

Contact: sabrina

Facebook page: Red Tent Vortex


Halifax, NS, Canada

Facebook page: Red Tent Circle Halifax


Nelson, BC, Canada

Contact: Raina Gardner

Facebook: Red Tents in Every Neighborhood - Canada


Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada

Contact: Lynn


Pictou County, NS, Canada

Contact: Nancy

Website: Red Tent Gatherings


Brandon, MAN, Canada

Contact: Jamie

Facebook Group: Click here






Curicó, Chile

Contact: Elena Sofía Zambrano

Website: Carpas Rojas Latino America


Ambulante, Chile

Contact: Elena Sofía Zambrano

Website: Carpas Rojas Latino America


Colombia (various cities)

Contact: Carpa Roja Colombia

Website: Carpas Rojas Latino America


Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina

Contact: Sandra Román


Facebook: click here


Ecuador (various cities)

Facebook: Click here


Quito, Ecuador




Guatemala (various cities)

Facebook: Guatemala Menstruante


Tlalnepantla, Mexico

Contact: Carpa Roja


Guadalajara, Mexico

Contact: Carpa Roja


Trinidad (West Indies)

Contact: Deirdre Ferreira

Website: Click here


Puerto Rico, San Juan

Contact: Martina or

Facebook: Red Tent Puerto Rico Women of Greatness/Carpa Roja




For an up-to-date list of Carpa Rojas click here







For an up-to-date list of Red Tents in the UK click here


North London, UK

Website: click here


South West London, UK

Website: click here


Glastonbury, UK

Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Red Tent Moonlodges

Contact: Katinka Soetens



Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Webiste: click here


Maenclochog, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK

Contact: Rachael Moon

Website: click here


Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK

Contact: Becky



Carmarthen, Wales, UK

Contact: Becky


Gloucestershire, UK

Website: click here


Manchester, UK

Facebook: Red Tent Manchester


Rathredmond, Ballinrobe, Ireland

Facebook: Red Tent Ireland


East Cork, Ireland

Facebook: click here


Bristol, UK

Facebook: Red Tent Bristol-Women's Group


Liverpool, UK

Facebook: Liverpool Red Tent


Derby, UK

Website: click here


Exeter/Devon, UK

Website: click here


Forest Row, UK

Website: click here


Guildford, UK

Website: click here


Kent, UK

Website: click here


Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK

Website: click here


Milton Keynes Bucks, UK

Website: click here


Hampshire, UK

Website: click here


Medway, UK

Website: click here


Portsmouth, UK

Website: click here


Herefordshire, UK

Website: click here


Worcestershire, UK

Website: click here


Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

Website: click here


North Herts, UK

Website: click here


St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK

Website: click here


Rotes Zelt Erding, Frauenkreis, Germany

Website: click here


Dresden, Germany

Contact: Stefanie



Sonsbeck, Germany

Contact: Marja



Seestermühe, Germany

Contact: Alexandra



Munich, Germany

Contact: Katharina



Klagenfurt, Austria

Website: click here


St. Margarethen/Raab, Austria

Contact: Katrin


Fürstenfeld, Austria

Contact: Angelika



Graz, Austria

Contact: Doris


Multiple Red Tents in France



Paris, France

Facebook: click here


Oullins (South Lyon), France

Contact: Jacqueline



Lisboa, Portugal

Contact: Quinta Do Rajo


Barcelona, Spain

Website: click here


Reina, Spain

Contact: Mariam Cárcel



The Hague, Netherlands

Contact: Michelle de Bree



Oosterbeek, Netherlands

Contact: Corrine Baard



Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact: Anita


Tiel, Netherlands


Contact: Karin



Horebeke/GENT, Belgium

Contact: Sabine Schowanek



Merano (Bz) Italy

Giordana Boscato, Ida Chechelani and Nike Spalletti Pinotti

Facebook: Tende Rosse in ogni Quartiere-Rete globale


Brescia, Italy

Contact: Valentina and Silvia

Facebook: Cerchio di Donne in Tenda Rossa


Firenze, Italy

Contact: Lucia

Facebook: Tenda Rossa Firenze


Epirus, Greece

Contact: Kallisto









Johannesburg, South Africa


Facebook page: Red Tent Johannesburg – Dee Brown






Middle East

Israel (various cities)

Facebook: Red Tent in Israel

Contact: Zohar







Cambodia (various cities)

Facebook page: Red Tent Cambodia


Pune, Maharashtra, India

Facebook: Red Tent Temple-Celebrating Womanhood


Goa, India

Facebook: Red Tent India









Robertson, NSW

Contact: School of Shamanic Midwifery

Facebook: Red Tent Dreaming


East Kangaloon, NSW

Contact: Jane Hardwicke Collings

Facebook: Red Tent Dreaming

Website: The School of Shamanic Midwifery


Newcastle / Hunter / Central Coast, NSW

Facebook: Red Tent Sisterhood


Hunter valley, NSW

Facebook: Red Tent Temple Hunter Valley

Contact: Shar-la Leonore

Southport, QLD

Facebook Page: Red Tent Gold Coast



Bayside, QLD

Contact: Jill




Kuranda, QLD

Contact: Donna


Townsville, QLD

Contact: Donna


Canberra, ACT

Website: Click here


Canberra, ACT

Facebook: Red Tent Experience : Canberra


Canberra, ACT

Contact: Wendy


Warrnambool, VIC

Facebook: Red Tent Singers


Melbourne, VIC


Facebook: Diamond Valley Red Tent