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Join several million women who Love the movie!

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How to Start a Red Tent?


Are you looking to create a Red Tent in your community? Have you been inspired by the magic of Red Tent sisterhood you witnessed in the Red Tent movie?


In this eBook, I offer suggestions, based on my experience of hosting more than a 1,000 Red Tents, so that you can learn how to create a fabulous Red Tent.


I will teach you what to “do” in the Red Tent, how to make a Red Tent, how to lead a successful Red Tent, food & drink suggestions, how to promote your Red Tent, music for your Red Tent, and how to bring a Red Tent to a conference.

If you're ready to learn or just curious and want to know more, I invite you to purchase my eBook today.

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Your Price: $4.99

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