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By Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD

One thing that the Red Tent has taught me is the importance of giving and receiving. In many of the Red Tents that I have hosted over the years, one thing I always offered the women in my Red Tent was foot rubs. I love it when I get a foot rub, so I make it a point to offer other women in my Red Tent one too. I have found that many wonderful and intimate conversations has begun over a foot rub. In many Red Tents Temples and Red Tents that ALisa Starkweather, the founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement inspired to begin, she often encouraged the women to have a giving and receiving time during their Red Tent. For example, each woman goes around the room and mentions one thing that they can offer and one thing that they would like to receive. And then those who have similar requests pair up.

Red Tent, Grail Lady Faire, Bancroft, ON, Canada

Red Tent, Grail Lady Faire, Bancroft, ON, Canada

Above is a example from a Red Tent I created at the Grail Lady Faire in Bancroft, Ontario Canada for my first trip into Canada with a screening of “Things We Don’t Talk About.” After the screening was finished, a small gathering of women stayed after to be in the Red Tent. The request for giving and receiving were all massage. So we did a conga-line massage and it was fantastic!

I would love for an opportunity to give you a foot rub or a massage, but since I am here in my home in Chicago and you are somewhere else I would like to offer you something else as part of my “25 Days of Giving” that I am celebrating with the Red Tent movie. I am giving away tons of FREE Red Tent stuff when you purchase the DVD. To find out more click here:

Happy Holidays!

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