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Sisters (We are Coming Home)

a song composed by Lisa and Brett Brumby


Sisters are walking to the beating of a drum

Calling us forward into who we have become

From far and wide we gather, for our time has come

To raise our voices and be heard as one

Feel your fire rising up from within

Like a serpent grow and shed your old skin

For creative power lives inside every womb

Of Gaia’s daughters dancing beneath a waxing moon

We are coming home, sisters

We are not alone anymore

We walk together, sisters

A wild woman is howling deep inside your soul

Free her ancient wisdom, make her vision whole

And honor the women who have gone before

Revealing all once hidden, opening the door

To our transformation from all we have learned

Rising up from the ashes where our grandmothers burned

We are coming home, sisters

Maiden, Mother and Crone no longer talk in whispers

We are not alone anymore

We walk together, sisters

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