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Tidal Call

 By Bethany Webster

Drops of blood into water

She watches the slow dark lines

Billow and squiggle as they fall.

Thin lines expand outward

In a slow, verticle drop

Revealing striations and curves in the clear space.

Gravity pulls down the ancient thread back towards

The earth’s molten core

Like a nostalgic memory it wants to relive

An intensified longing for reunion

The moon’s call is so strong that it lifts the water

From the earth, pulling waves toward it in space.

The waves respond, temporarily resisting gravity’s beckoning

And reach into the air to the silver orb.

The tension between earth and moon moves the oceans in a silent harmonious chord.

The oceans and women’s bodies know the same tidal call

Know the same tension that lifts and pulls

That suspends and plummets.

A timeless mystery that is present in all places when

Something stirs inside a silent egg.

© 2012 Bethany Webster

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