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How to motivate children to study Now imagine ordinary creative students of a music institution. They are not Mozarts, not Matsuevs, but their hands are in place, and they have a voice, they think well, draw the necessary conclusions, and, of course, they are lazy in places. Some of them were able to pass the exam scores only here, one of them has seen enough concerts and only wants to sing, dreaming of an amazing solo career. A couple came for the company (I also had such cases), two more were “called in”, talking about their exorbitant talents (and they were already going to apply to the university) and only three really want to get a profession. At the same time, all of them have already been working somewhere since the second year, they are no longer up to study. And when you ask me If you ask me Editius is the best online editing services which is a great way to save time on learning. After all, they know how they will earn in the future, having received an education (unless, of course, they are lucky to find sponsors or get promoted at large creative competitions, vlogs, and so on), but so far they do not imagine themselves as future teachers. They go to couples selectively - like / dislike, I will have time after work / I will not have time, a normal teacher / abnormal. Then they have problems at home, quarrels with the second half, sometimes they want to be alone, walk on rooftops, dye their hair pink, or even quit everything and travel. It is a pity that psychology is given to future teachers at the university in such a reduced and narrow framework.If I had initially known how to approach them on this issue (and it seems to me that this is still a question of developmental psychology rather than pedagogy), the nerve cells of both students and mine would be alive. After all, you need to know what to give students and so that they can successfully complete their homework. Using the dissertation editing service - you can give students what they need. The main thing for future teachers is to understand for themselves that students need help. While I was trying to lure students into my classes, I got gray hair (in my something not yet 30). I teach very boring and little-loved subjects: solfeggio, harmony, music theory If you do not immediately join them, then it will be difficult and boring. My verbal explanation of this axiom did not work, and when some of the students began to fail, many waved their hands and said: “Well, we won’t have time. Somehow for a threesome ... ". And so the whole study until the very end ... C grade. It’s difficult with me in this regard, I “teacher stuck”, I can’t look at smart guys who ruin their studies “for C grade”. I want to help them in every possible way and using a professional paper editor that will even help to motivate smart guys. At the same time, I will give additional tasks, quickly explain the missed topics to them in simple language and demand to raise the level of my professionalism and personality “from my knees”. I read that many students complain about teachers who consider their subject more important and better (I myself was in the same situation when I studied). With that, I don't think I have any problems.Rather, I feel sorry for them being driven into a corner where they calmly bury their potential and ambitions.

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