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FontBase is a simple yet powerful font management application, allowing you to manage, search, edit, and organize all of the fonts on your system. The tool's interface is designed to provide a user-friendly navigation, with all main application features organized into simple categories: • Collections - Where you can create and organize Collections by simply dragging fonts from the font list into your specified folders. • Sizes - Change the font sizes of all fonts and assign font variations to your collections. • Favourites - Contains a list of the fonts that you have most frequently used, which gives you the opportunity to save time and search for fonts with one click. FontBase includes a multi-purpose search functionality, allowing you to search the font list by name, family name, face name, first character or font attributes. You can also search for text in all your fonts, which makes search extremely simple and convenient. The application provides a way to compare two or more fonts with a new powerful comparison view, which displays the font features side by side. The new windows mode allows you to enlarge the fonts for a closer look, which makes font comparison easy and fun. Version 3.2 - Added the ability to copy fonts between collections and organize collections by moving fonts between categories. Version 3.2 - Added the ability to copy fonts between collections. Version 3.1.2 - Improved the search and match function. The search engine uses our intelligent database matching algorithm. The new search bar opens a second edit window for the selected font. All search results have a feedback window with a thumbnail overview. Version 3.1.2 - Improved the searching of text and the ignore list. Version 3.1.1 - Improved the search filter result. Version 3.0.4 - Improved the interface; Added a new option to compare fonts; Improved the font comparison view; Improved the search function; Corrected an error in the default section when installing; Improved the font export. Version 3.0.3 - Added an option to sort the fonts by size and sort the fonts in the font explorer by name. Added a live text editing feature. Version 3.0.2 - Added the ability to zoom in the fonts; Changed the standard window to portrait mode for Mac. Added a German translation. Version 3.0.1 - Added a package manager; Improved the font export; Improved the font look up; Added a default section when installing; Improved the search; Improved the matching and sorting a5204a7ec7

FontBase Download With Full Crack is a simple yet powerful font manager. You can view and edit your fonts easily and quickly! The font manager is a font management application to view and edit font families, font collections and individual fonts. It lets you search and sort fonts and views font information for each font in the family. FontBase Product Key includes two interfaces: The classic interface and the new tab. Both interfaces look alike, but only the new tab has the several features not found in the classic interface. Key Features: - Edit all fonts in the same font collection. - Sort and view fonts in different font collections. - Edit font family information, including the font name, size, color, style, background color, and more. - View font information, including the font name, font family, style, color, size, height, weight, kerning, font case and more. - Compare two fonts side by side in real time. - Save and use font collections in desktop and portable versions. - Manage your font collection by adding and removing fonts, creating sub-collections, and managing font families. - Sort your fonts by name, size, color, style, family, upper case, lower case, italic, bold, and more. - Add custom fonts and view existing fonts as a separate collection. - View the history of your fonts and font collection. - View your fonts from different clients, such as Windows Explorer, VNC, NX or a Web browser. - Use different skins and color themes to customize your font manager. The most often used and important font editing and management tool - typography. No font manager means no less than it is! Developed by a small team of Ukrainian programmers, it is a multi-platform application that aims at quick and easy editing of font families, editing and playing with font collections and individual fonts, font recognition/comparison, font resizing and renaming, font downloader and more. What is more, it has a desktop version, a portable version, a mobile version for iPhone and iPad and a web-based version. Each of these versions has its own specific interface. WHAT IS THIS APPLICATION Typography is a quick- and-easy tool for the creation, editing, comparison, resizing, renaming, downloading and other manipulations with font collections and fonts. Now you can manage font packages like in Windows Explorer! Just explore your fonts and subfolders, look for the collection

FontBase With Serial Key Free (2022)

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