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How to improve your study: 11 Tips for success

First of all, make your balanced study plan and schedule.

Fix the study place and time for everyday. This will be helpful for concentration. Before start study, repeat two, three times in mind that it is the time for study and now I am going to start study.


As far as possible, keep your face in the direction of North or East and believe that whatever you are studying, will be asked in examination.

Experts from suggest always study on a comfortable chair and sit in straight position. Avoid to study in recumbent position. Avoid continuing study of one subject for more than 2 hours.

Whatever you have learned, revise the same within 24 hours, after seven days and again after one month for best memorization. Your study will be memories for a long time.

Be positive about your future and avoid doubting on your success.

Study your subject as your hobby, like a game. According to avoid too much seriousness, which will create unnecessary pressure.

Make short notes during study and go through your notes before your examination. It will save your time and energy.

It is always beneficial to practice mock tests of previous/sample papers before your final examination to check your preparation & find out weak area of study, if any.

Take balanced sleep and diet, especially before your examination day. Avoid becoming all-nighter.

How to cope with Exam Stress in a simple way

Some other important points that should be given proper attention:

Respect yourself for working hard, it’s great to do well in examinations, but remember that examinations aren’t the only factor that will help you succeed in life.

Do the best that you can; examinations are not life-threatening. See the lighter side of life also.

If exam stress is putting you in an unmanageable state or interfering with your study/school work, express your worries to a good friend, family member, your school tutor or seek professional help from a student counsellor. Confiding in someone you trust, will be supportive in a great way to reduce exam stress and worry.

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