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Switching from Android to iPhone made easy

I finally decided it was time to switch to the iPhone. It has a lot of nessesory apps for example pdf scanner app. Perhaps that's the value you get from the $399 iPhone SE. Maybe you're worried about your privacy, or you're tired of buying phones that only get OS updates every few years. Maybe you have a Mac and want a phone that works perfectly with your Mac.

Whatever the reason, we are here to make your Android to iPhone transition as smooth as possible. Get an old Android phone and a new iPhone and switch.

Move Data from Android with Move to iOS

Apple has a great marketing page explaining why you should switch from Android to iPhone. This is more advertising than useful advice, and you can definitely benefit a lot from a dedicated support page. But Apple has great resources for transitioning. It's an Android app!

Download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play store to your old Android phone. Make sure WiFi is on and launch the app. Do not start setting up your new iPhone until you have the

Move to the iOS app. During installation, you will be presented with a list of data recovery programs and options. Select Transfer data from Android.

If you've already set up your iPhone, you can always erase your iPhone and start over. If you set it up today, it might be worth the effort.

During the process, your iPhone will display a series of numbers (6 or 10 digits) that you will need to enter into your Android smartphone. At some point during this process, your Android phone may display a message about a weak Wi-Fi signal, but you can ignore it. This is a side benefit of connecting your Android phone directly to your iPhone via Wi-Fi.

Next, you can select the content you want to transfer from your Android phone to your iPhone. Select what you want and click Next.

Depending on the performance of your old Android phone and the amount of data to transfer, the entire process may take minutes to hours. Apple Support has a YouTube video demonstrating the process.

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