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Things We Don’t Talk About: Woman’s Stories from the Red Tent is a groundbreaking 72-minute documentary film by award winning filmmaker Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD. Spontaneous and organic, a Red Tent is a red textile space where women gather to rest, renew, and often share deep and powerful stories about their lives. The Red Tent movement is changing the way that women interact and support each other by providing a place that honors and celebrates women, and by enabling open conversations about the things that women don’t want to talk about in other venues. Things We Don’t Talk About weaves together healing narratives from inside the Red Tent to shine a spotlight on this vital, emergent women’s tradition. The film provides us an opportunity to remember, to listen, to know, and to find what it is we need to bring back to our communities to help awaken the voices of women.


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These unique doorway panels are specially designed and sewn by Dr. Isadora (the Red Tent Movie filmmaker). Fashioned with an antique, decorative, hand-embroidered cotton Uzbeck Suzani (“Suzani”) top piece. Layered sheer fabrics create the doorway opening. Beautiful fringe on both sides create an elegant and welcoming entryway. Two ornamental curtain tiebacks to hold the sides open are included. Hemmed at the top to accommodate a tension rod (not included) to hang in a standard doorway (dimensions: 36” × 80”).


This is One-of-a-Kind item is sure to add splendor to your already amazing Red Tent.


Dr. Isadora has created only two of each doorway design: finished or unfinished. Order the door as a finished piece, and hang the door in seconds. Or order the doorway unfinished and sew it together yourself as a fun project. The unfinished doorway has the exact same materials (decorative Uzbeck Suzani and other fabrics, fringe, and tiebacks) as the finished one. You will need a sewing machine and thread. Tension rod is not included in either the finished or unfinished doorways.


Roll over the doorway images to examine in more detail.



Velvet Doorway

36" wide x 80" tall


Sparkle Doorway

46" wide x 80" tall

Floral Doorway

36" wide x 80" tall





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Have you ever wondered...



What if you could have your own Red Tent of women in your community?


What if our daughters were brought up to expect some kind of honoring when they had their first period?


What happens in our modern culture when we hold Red Tents for women?


Was there a Red Tent in history?


Where did this tradition come from?


Are you curious to know.....?  






The Red Tent Movement:

A Historical Perspective


by Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD and ALisa Starkweather


The Red Tent has a history, but what is it? There are thousands of women across the globe who are bringing forth their gifts as Red Tent leaders in their communities, but where did this tradition come from? “The Red Tent” was novel by Anita Diamant, published in 1997 that gave us a story of women who come together in a menstrual hut, known as the Red Tent. The Red Tent movement has a seventeen-year history, but connects to thousands of years of tradition of women honoring women and creating a world that embraces honesty, and respects for others, our daughters, and ourselves. We are in a new era of history. The healing of our planet is the priority of many committed visionaries. We understand that we are on a precipice and by building a woman-honoring culture we can create a huge paradigm shift one Red Tent at a time.



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46-page eBook with gorgeous Red Tent photos

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48-minute Audiobook narrated by Dr. Isadora

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Do you want to listen to an excerpt from the Audiobook (narrated by Dr. Isadora?)





Red Tent Chocolate

Woman-made in Vermont!


75% Cacao. Dairy free. Contains NO refined sugars. Fair-trade & Organic.

Made with Vermont local raw honey and blended with dried cherries and pomegranate juice powder.


Katrina Coravos of Liberty Chocolate has been making this bar for years to support the vision and dream of Dr. Isadora and the creation of her documentary portraying the rise of the Red Tent Temple movement. This is a movement that is near and dear to my heart. I believe in this work, and the importance of it for our communities. I wanted to add flavors to this organic chocolate bar that would be attractive to women and women’s cycles. Cherries and pomegranates are the perfect fit!



Share the LOVE of this fantastic chocolate with your

friends, family, or your Red Tent Sisters.


The chocolate is sold in a package

of 10 bars for $40.30 USD. To order click here.





*Free shipping for USA orders. Minium order of $100 USD for international orders to receive free shipping.


Supplied by a woman-owned business and the organizer of the Red Tent in Toms River, NJ

(a permanent Red Tent featured in the film, which was unfortunatley destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, but is being rebuilt)




SPECIAL NOTE: I currently have about 100+ patterns of scarves in stock, but I only have 1 or 2 of each pattern, which is why they are not listed on the website. If you would like to see some photos of some FANTASTIC new scarves please email

Dr. Isadora at info@redtentmovie.com



$15 USD



$15 USD



$15 USD



$25 USD



$25 USD







Red Tent Meditation


"An Invitation into the Red Tent"

11-minute Guided Sound Meditation


by Delphine Demore, PhD

Featuring the song "Dream Wisdom" by David R. Maracle




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"How to Create a Red Tent"



by Jane Hardwicke Collings

& Red Tent Dreaming



Red Tent Dreaming eBook* is a co-created plethora of information on the concept and practice of holding a Red Tent. You will read how to set up a Red tent, how to priestess a Red Tent, what to do in a Red Tent and helpful information about the menstrual cycle and the opportunity for spiritual growth and development that she holds. A must for any woman wanting to learn about this subject and who wants to bring this ancient practice back to her life and the women she communes with.


*This eBook is a PDF.



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