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There are thousands and thousands of Red Tents all over the world. This is a sample of the global reach of the Red Tent movement. The Red Tents and Red Tent Temples listed here are women you have contacted me and requested to be listed. If you would like to be listed please email Dr. Isadora at (

If you do NOT find your city listed, we suggest that you use our search box or do a Facebook or google search with your city and the words "red tent" because Red Tents are being created everyday! If you find a Red Tent listed here that is no longer meeting or a broken link or email address please email Dr. Isadora. Thank you! Your help is appreciated.


Permanent Red Tents

These Red Tents are "permanent spaces" & open to the public. Meaning that the Red Tent space is up at all times, rather than for a just a few hours on a given day. These Red Tents are generally located at a place of business (ie: store, salon, yoga studio, etc.). For hours when the Red Tent is open we suggest that you email the women who is listed under "Contact."

Louisville, KY, USA

Contact: Amy

Facebook: Click here



Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada

Contact: Tiffany Lazic



Cedar City, UT

Contact: Gypsy Jean

Website: Alternative Wombyn's Red Tent

Facebook Page: Red Tent Utah


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I want you to take that precious and extraordinary heart of yours and really create something amazing with the women in your community. If my eBook below doesn't help you find what your looking for please email me.


How to Start a Red Tent



Yearning for women's community? Let me help nourish you. Everything here is meant to give you the tools that you need to lead and sustain your Red Tent. This inspiring collection is ready for download.

Traveling Red Tents

These women travel to various locations all over the World


Various Cities (Based in Chicago, IL, USA)

Contact: Dr. Isadora (the filmmaker)

Website: Red Tent Movie

Facebook Page: Red Tent Movie


Various Cities (Based in MA)

Contact: Alisa Starkweather

Website: Red Tent Temple Movement

Facebook Page: Red Tent Temple Movement


Various Cities (Based in CA)

Contact: DeAnna L'am


Facebook: Red Tents in Every Neighborhood


Various Cities (Based in NC)

Contact: Alison


Various Cities (Based in NY)

Contact: Cherie Ackerson


Various Cities (Based in NJ & PA)



Facebook: Tri State Red Tent


Various Cities (Based in AZ)

Contact: Aurora



Various Cities (Based in NC)

Contact: Nuit Moore



Various Cities (East Coast & Midwest)

Contact: Denise "Dirty Mother" Cumor


Facebook: Click here


Various Cities in Slovenia

Contact: Suzana

Facebook: Click here



Various Cities in North Georgia

Contact: Sophiya Scarlet

Facebook: Scarlet Women Red Tent


All of the Red Tents listed below are groups of women who create temporary Red Tents for a day,

an evening, or a weekend. Some of these groups meet in-person and some meet virtually.