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A Woman’s Immense Power

by Oceana Lablanc

When you invite pleasure into your daily life, it’s a game changer. The feminine requires it, is opened to a greater alchemy, and begins to align with the synchronicity of creation in surprising ways. All of life celebrates the unfoldment of a woman’s pleasure. We were built for it as reflections of a great feminine force whose ignition is our pleasure as the ritual of our erotic essence.

I know this is a mouthful! Allow me to break it down for you. We have an organ whose sole purpose is pleasure, our clitoris. We reflect the aspect of Divinity (Life Force Energy) that is feminine, called Shakti. We’re awakening to our liberation after 5,000 years of oppression on this planet because our power was so deeply feared. The connection of women to their ignition switch, pleasure, is so down-played and disdained in the collective psyche that we’ve been missing it completely.

What you might notice on the path of pleasure is that most major patriarchal religions teach that pleasure is a no-no. Remember that men wrote the scripts on these religions. We’re warned that pleasure is a base, lower energy, superfluous engagement that will steer us away from our high spiritual aspirations. I imagine that a culture that has experienced the sweet, erotic power of a woman’s pleasure and been hypnotized thoroughly by it would have no other choice in overcoming it than forbidding it’s existence. How else would it aspire to overpower or control such a colossal force?

Men have fought wars over it, climbed mountains because of it, given their lives for it, cut off their own ears about it. It seduces them into all manner of compliance, regardless of their initial intentions. It is a power so magnificent, so breathtakingly divine, that it had to be oppressed to be controlled. This, women, is my take on why women have been so utterly crushed into submission for thousands of years.

I urge women to fall in love with themselves and their bodies. The feminine form is a gorgeous manifestation of the feminine life force, and when we can truly appreciate this and love ourselves fully and deeply, we elicit the same response from others. We also begin to tap into our pleasure, uncorking waves of energetic gratitude, and once that is pulsating in orgasmic ecstasy, we have a wide open channel upon which to place our desires in the universal take out window.

We are the embodiment, the living Goddess, walking the earth, and when we realize the tremendous power and gravity of our potential, we will no longer have to fight for our liberation. We’ll see with clear eyes and pure hearts the path that lay before us, one of equanimity, peace, joy, and yes, pleasure.

Are you longing to deepen your femininity, 

show up in your own blend of Goddess Confidence

and ooze your sensuality inside and out?

About the Author

Oceana Lablanc

Oceana Lablanc

Oceana Leblanc is a healer, tantric yogini, medium, shaman, and empowerment facilitator. A dynamic facilitator and writer gifted with wisdom, compassion, humor, and keen intuition, she holds frequent workshops and retreats.

She’s led acclaimed trainings at venues such as the Women’s Belly and Womb Conference, Daughters of the Earth Conference, Zestfest, University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Earthcircle Gathering. She is one of the original pioneers building a uniquely grassroots community that supports women’s empowerment globally.

Goddess Oceana defines her mission as being a catalyst for unconditional love and the integration of balance in feminine and masculine energies on the planet in our times. She is passionate about helping people express their highest potential.

Currently she is writing her first book, which is a compilation of her online quotes that have been inspiring readers for years. When she’s not travelling and teaching, her most rewarding time is spent with her gorgeous 13 year old son and beloved husband of 21 years.

“Oceana is one of the most dynamic presenters I have known. She comes from her heart, her passion, and her wisdom. A unique fantastic blend that all will benefit from.” ~Char Tosi, founder of Woman Within

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