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Finding the Beauty Within

by Charlotte Elaine Coburn

All the beauty capable of being beheld, you will surely find in the center of yourself.

As women today, there are myriad hosts who would tell us we are less the divinity which truly lives within us. They call us fat, skinny, ugly. They tell us our life giving bellies need to be flat, our sacred blood hidden and unspoken. Our dark skin lightened, our light skin darkened. Our butts need to be lifted, abs tightened. They encourage us to gaze in the mirror longingly at a figure who is less than worthy. And we have stared, as our mothers before us also stared. We stare so long into the void that is the mirror, that we no longer see.

We have lost the true image, which can only be seen in the mirror within us. We must learn to once again see, feel, and experience the true beauty which is our being. Let us allow the life and breath within us to be a symbol of sacred beauty and power. Let us allow our eyes to see within. Into our hearts, our creative minds, our strengths, our beautiful weaknesses. If we begin to see the chaotic storm that is life as a woman with truly open eyes, we will be able to see nothing but beauty.

For centuries the world has met our souls, and bodies with scrutiny unimaginable. Let us not continue the hateful speech within ourselves. Allow yourself to be without judgement of good or bad. Quiet the judging mind, and allow yourself the grace, appreciation, and respect, you deserve. Embrace your sisters as beautiful, perfect creations, simply because life is within them. See life as the true beauty. When we can embrace ourselves fully, we will be unstoppable. If we begin to love ourselves first, we will be full and able to love others with greater ease. Mother, the archetypal nurturer. Amazon, the perfect warrior. Retreat deep within and find them. Be your own warrior, protectress. Advocate for yourself, your needs, honor your body, nurture, and mother your being. Give in to the freedom of being perfect, exactly as you are.

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