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Movie Red Tent Event: Embracing Change

By Susan Korsnick

In March 2014, twenty-three culturally diverse women, representing every decade from their teens to their seventies, honored the call from deep within to gather in York Pennsylvania’s first Red Tent Event. Coming from as far away as Philadelphia, these women gave themselves the gift of time—time to connect with other women & precious time to reconnect with their highest Selves.

York, PA

The actual Red Tent event only lasted a few short hours but the vortex of positive energy it created lingered for weeks after. Responses from many of the women showed that it was powerful, provocative, & nourishing.

A year ago, I led a discussion of Anita Diamant’s book, The Red Tent, when participants repeatedly asked, “When can we have a Red Tent here?” Good question. I found Dr. Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost’s Red Tent Movie website… where the quote “A Red Tent is a red textile space where women gather to rest, renew, & often share deep & powerful stories about their lives” motivated me to action. The time was ripe to join the movement that has fast become an international phenomenon.

My intention was to provide a safe, nurturing environment where women could rejuvenate body, mind, & spirit. I wanted to create a place where they could be in the company of like-minded women & disconnect from the outside world for just a few hours. No demands, no obligations, no expectations. Just take the time to listen & give your Self what you need.

York, PA

Synchronicity is when the universe hears your heart & answers in mysterious, unexpected ways. Our first Red Tent never could have happened without the many kindred spirits who offered their support. Women helped me set up the space & a couple of men even stopped by to marvel at it & say thanks for what we were doing for the women in their lives; one even said he was jealous that men weren’t invited!

I deliberately scheduled the first Red Tent Event to coincide with the Vernal Equinox, a time that symbolizes new beginnings. While many Red Tents don’t have a theme, ours did. I chose “Embracing Change” because so many women expressed that they were in periods of transition—mothering new babies, facing the possible loneliness of an empty nest, & caring for aging parents. By sitting in council with one another, I called it our Sacred Wisdom Circle, most of us realized that what we were experiencing was not new. We ALL had wisdom to share.

Yes, I created a sacred space for women to gather in community with one another but it was the women who created the magic!

More about the author: Susan Korsnick facilitates Red Tent events in York, Pennsylvania. This post was adapted from her blog post “Red Tent Reality” dated 4/8/14 on

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