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Welcome, Red Tent Sister

Come, sit, and witness our stories.


Our Red Tent Day Retreat

by Jessamina (Long Island, NY Red Tent Temple)

Mmm, sweet decadence to be in the company of such beauty…

A delightful afternoon was spent with Sacred Sistah’s, Moon Mamas, Grateful Grandmas, Secret Sharing Shaktis, Kegal Kittens, Manifesting Mavens; all Womb Women, sharing stories of their first blood and wise wisdom. As we settled into a nest of veils and pillows, we were enveloped by the warm surreal feeling of being surrounded by a protective ‘cocoon’ of feminine grace.

During our very powerful meditation, we journeyed into our own womb-space. There I had a vision of many circles of women just like this one. It was as if a star seed had been planted inside me, I knew the Red Tent was a needed component of society. I wondered what would the Goddess bid me to do next with this vision (I’ve since continued The Red Tent Day Retreat each month). We then broke off into small groups, so we could each experience divine nurturing by more than one women at a time: Reiki, massage, mini-facials, hair braiding… bliss!

GiG, owner of the Goddess Shoppe, generously offered us samples of her Black Pearl Skincare line, and aroma-therapeutic hand and body creams to enhance the experience. I then lead our group in a fun veil dance that ended with sisters pressed into a tight circle, standing hip to hip, breasts to breasts, giggling and sighing through our veils…Ah! The Red Tent!

For more information, you can reach Jessamina, who is the Long Island Red Tent Temple Coordinator, and she can be reached at, and you can visit her website at 

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