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Bringing the World into the Red Tent and the Red Tent into the World

Dr. Isadora doing a radio interview

by Jayleigh Lewis

March 2014 was a month of expansion for the Red Tent movie: Things We Don’t Talk About. Isadora, the filmmaker, attended three screenings during the middle two weeks of the month, from which she gathered inspiration to think bigger and more broadly about the unique role the movie can play in growing the Red Tent movement.

On March 9th, she visited Prescott, Arizona, for a screening held on the campus of Prescott College. Prescott is a small city in northern Arizona that nevertheless boasts a strong women’s community. The screening was organized by Rosalie, a student at the College who is in the midst of an independent study on menstrual customs and traditions. When she discovered the Red Tent movie, she invited Isadora to come to campus for a screening. Originally intended only for members of Rosalie’s class, the event expanded to include local community members as well.

The film screening and following Red Tent took place in a multipurpose auditorium with removable folding chairs, which quickly filled with about 30 women, a mixture of students and community membe